How Does The Enozo Pro Work?

Aqueous ozone, produced by Enozo, is a product of water and air in the presence of an electrical charge. This electrical charge revolutionises the way people sanitise, deodorise and clean spaces.

The complete life-cycle of ozone consists of generation, then oxidation, followed by the return to oxygen. This process kills 99.9% of the most harmful bacteria that is harmful to all of us.

Is Ozone Gas Dangerous?

Ozone gas can be dangerous in large quantities as we can't use it to breathe like normal oxygen. However Enozo only generates ozone in quantities that will be harmful to bacteria and pathogens.

What Surfaces Can I Use Enozo For?

The Enozo Pro can be used on any and all surfaces including food and skin. The applications are limitles!

Why Is It So Expensive?

The Enozo Pro utilises lots of electrical components as well as a diamond cell. These individual parts make up a large percentage of the initial cost. 

However with 2,700 litres of fluid created over the course of its lifetime, it is more cost-efficient than buying individual sanitising fluid and much better for the environment. 

Plus the Enozo Pro is a commercial product with a two year warranty. Meaning that if it breaks in any way, you will get a new one completely free of charge. 

Does It Really Work?!

Yes it does!

We have a full EN 1276 certification which means it is certified as having a 99.9% kill rate and we can organise a swab test to prove it if you would like us too!