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The Sentinel Stand is the ideal way to incorporate a sanitising gel dispenser into your business. 

A fully automatic, hands free dispenser ensures the elimination of cross contamination. Its ergonomic design allows the Sentinel Stand to be effortlessly integrated anywhere in your business.


£239 + VAT

Replacement gel available



ECOHEADS salon showerheads are eco-friendly,

professional grade showerheads designed specifically for the hair salon. These high quality showerheads are easy to install and will not only cut down your rinse time at the bowl, the special filtration system ionises the water and removes sediment, leaving the hair cleaner and healthier.

£100 + VAT

Replacement filters available


The Sentinel Stand

Responsible business owners across all sectors are tackling the spread of Covid19 by optimising hygiene for their staff and customers. As we all know, the fightback against coronavirus starts with clean hands. With free-standing and wall-mounted options, the Sentinel hand sanitiser system offers a portable, efficient and – above all – contactless solution.



Created in Australia, ECOHEADS have a goal to create an environmentally friendly and professional shower head. Some of the features include -


- Save water and energy

- Doubling the pressure 

- Softer water

- Cleaner water

ECOHEADS patented design allowes you to reduce your water usage by up to 390 litres of water each day, whilst the filter removes sediment and dirt from the water.